30 May 2008

Radio Show Tonight!

Good afternoon all! Just wanted to let you know that tonight on "Another Loose Canon" we have a very special guest calling in. Rev. Corbie of Fire Through Spirit will be joining us for the first of (at least!) two shows, during which she will share her experiences in the realm of healing and how to approach illness from a spiritual perspective. You can see her website (which contains contact info and a list of her upcoming in-person appearances at various conventions and fairs) here: www.firethroughspirit.com

So please join us tonight at 6 PM Eastern US time; Corbie will speak with us about health, healing, and the interesting concept that "Being a Co-Conspirator is Better than Being a Patient!" She's a riveting, charming speaker--with much personal experience with the things of which she speaks. Following the interview, we'll open the phones so people can ask questions and share stories with Corbie.

See you then! The profile URL is: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Rev_Sharon/ and you will see a link for tonight's show.

03 May 2008

Whew, What a Week....

Wow, what a week.

I got a call the other week from the cardiologist and neurologist who have been monitoring my recent medical difficulties; they asked me to stop driving and come to their office for a discussion "best had face to face" (two mutually exclusive things, since I live in The Sticks (tm) and cannot get anywhere without driving unless it's close enough to walk to...) I tend to assume the worst, being Only Human, so I presumed they were going to tell me they'd found something quite dreadful and needed to operate or whatever. Turned out I had been having "pre-epileptic seizure-like events" something that everyone has about 2 or three times a day. If you suddenly cannot think of a word you wanted to say--you're having one. If you put your keys down in the same place as always and suddenly cannot remember where they are--you're having one. Problem was, I was having them about every half hour all day every day--and they turned up on my ambulatory EEG. The worst turned out to actually be pretty OK: by viewing the events and prescribing to unseat them, the docs were helping prevent me from becoming epileptic and having actual seizures. So that was good!

I had to take a few days off from work to take the meds and get used to them before being allowed to drive again. I was sleepy and had double-vision for a while, then it all evened out. Yay!

However... while I was home recuperating, a friend called from the office to warn me that there was a reduction in force (RIF) coming--and that I would be let go when I returned to the office. So it turned out to be... and after taking a perfectly human tendency to work myself into fits and swivets over it, I did a lot of praying and then went back as soon as the doctor said I could. I did get let go, but I got an excellent severance package and I do have some good interviews lined up already. So it all worked out as well as it could--and I'm sure God has more good changes coming for me. This all has the feel of a Thing Meant to Happen, and I'm more excited than scared. :)

The radio show did indeed debut; there were a number of technical glitches (including dead air for about ten minutes when the site had a server re-set right in the middle of my show!) and no one called in, but by and large it came off well. I want to thank everyone who stuck with it for the whole hour; I'm going to try editing the archived file, so that if you decide to go give it a listen you won't have to hear the dead air. :) I will be doing a show every Friday evening at 6 PM eastern time, hopefully with more music and with LOTS more people calling in. :)

Thank you God for getting me through all this....

02 May 2008

Internet Radio Adventures....

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Life has been interesting in the sense of the Chinese proverb.... ;) Anyway, just a quick note to let you know that if you're interested, my show on http://www.blogtalkradio.com debuts tonight at 6 PM eastern US time.

I've activated the chat room early in case anyone wants to come by and schmooze. :) If you are a registered member of the site you can log in, then get to the chat room from my profile, which can be reached by adding a forward slash and Rev_Sharon to the URL once you're there. The site is free to register, listen, AND host, so if you think you might be interested, it's an idea! :)

The show is called Another Loose Canon, just like my blog; there will be a link on the profile page. Tonight's topic, after some general spiritual rambling by the host, will be the Efficacy of Prayer; I'll be inviting people to call in and talk about the times prayer has worked for them--and the times it hasn't.

Very Nervous Now (tm)