26 April 2007

Let's Try This Again...

*wry smile* Well... sometimes when life gets complicated, one's brain core-dumps--and I can no longer find my old blog. I've tried every means to re-create or unearth it, but for the moment, here we are. :-)

So, to re-introduce myself: I'm Rev. Sharon, a priest in the Independent Catholic Movement in the US. The church with which I am incardinated is Celtic in expression, which suits me right down to the ground. The parish I'm in charge of (more on that as the days go by!) is St. Brigid of the Gaels; because the physical parish downsized dramatically, I'm going to try an online incarnation. Should be interesting!

I'm a liturgist and heavily into recreational theology; I guess I'm also something of a liberal traditionalist. Whatever does THAT mean, I hear you cry? Stick around... like any good exegetical thing, the concept will reveal itself!

Blessings on you all; may your week be going well, and may your weekend be even better!

in service,
Rev. Sharon


Hedwyg said...

Good to see you, Sharon! Looking forward to many thoughtful posts. :-)

seeking chivalry said...

Welcome, Sharon! I can't wait to read what you'll write.

Alexis TanĨibok said...

Hey hey more indie voices - very cool!

Carl McColman said...

Hi, Rev. Sharon! Found your blog while surfing around. Given your love of horses, no wonder you're the pastor of a parish named for Brigid: have you ever visited the Curragh (Irish horse country)? That's where Brigid built her monastery, the Cell of the Oak (Cill Dara, modern day Kildare). Anyway, justed want to say "hi" and invite you to my own quirky blog sometime: The Website of Unknowing