31 May 2007

Okay, St. Anthony, I *GET* It... :-)

Note to self: when a saint's been at his or her specialty for over 700 years, they probably have it "down" by now...

Interesting night. Lots going on. Must be that full moon.

The short version with salient facts is this: I was talking with St. Anthony tonight, because I mislaid two things I really needed. My tent-maker job is technical writing/editing and business analysis for a nice company in Northern Virginia. I had some important deliverables on a thumb drive (also known as a flash or stick drive)--and could not find the thing. There were two that I misplaced, and for all I knew my files could be on either. Couldn't find them. Had a long chat with the Lad from Padua, about all sorts of things--finding my way, helping friends and loved ones find theirs... I got out the envelope sent to me by those Franciscan friars I mentioned the other day... and started writing the check.

Guess what.

There, under the spot where the envelope and the prayer card with medal had been sitting for a couple of days... was one of the thumb drives. I swear I looked there a thousand times. I said to St. Anthony, "OK, one down... I refused to be disheartened by not finding the other one, I know you're on it." We kept conversing... I prepped the trash for tomorrow, then something seemed to be pushing me to look in my briefcase. Again. For about the tenth time.

The thumb drive with my files on it was there. In a place I know, know, KNOW I had already looked and NOT found it. I'm telling you, sisters and brothers, if I find the iPod I mislaid before I moved and have wanted many a time, I will be SO grateful to dear St. Anthony!!

Not the least because, while we were conversing, he helped me find the ability to weep again... :-) Funny thing to lose, priceless gift to receive back. Much needed.

Bedtime... for one very grateful person. I just had to let you all know.

in loving service,
Rev. Sharon+


seeking chivalry said...

Wow. Sounds sort of like the day I had yesterday, with all the little 'there's reason to hope' signs coming in from all over...

Mother Laura said...

So beautiful how you share yourself with us here...I am glad to get to know you better here in the blogosphere.