22 June 2007

Friday Five: Oh Boy It's Summer!!!

Ahh, summer.... that magical season of no school... *g* Boy did THAT change once I got to college! But summer is the Time When Baseball Happens, and when life ramps up even MORE.... *g*

Here are this week's Friday Five prompts!

1. Favorite summer food(s) and beverage(s)

ribs, chili dogs (no onions, please!) and beer. Spaten Optimator doppelbock, bitte... :-) Now THAT'S beer!

2. Song that "says" summer to you. (Need not be about summer explicitly.)

Take Me Out to the Ballgame (and/or the National Anthem...)

3. A childhood summer memory

Laying in bed late on a hot summer night, listening to the lulling sound of crowd noise and the dulcet tones of Curt Gowdy or Ken Coleman as they gave the play-by-play of any Red Sox game... the crack of the bat as a hit is made; the rising roar as the ball sails out of the park... Daddy whooping in the kitchen... Ahh, childhood....

Of course another memory is sneaking downtown on a school day, caging a cab ride on the B&M Railroad from some co-worker of my Dad's... spending my allowance on a bleacher seat at Fenway Park... going to the Ladies' Room during the 7th Inning Stretch, only to be accosted... by my Dad, who growled "What in H*ll are you doing here?" I paused, searched desperately for a response, then realized HE should have been at work. I put hands on hips, and growled right back: "What in H*ll are YOU doing here?"

We agreed to disagree on the topic of responsibility; he later drove me to North Station and told me which train to get, gave me ticket money, and told me to keep my trap shut. And to never sit with him when I play hooky. *g* And I never did... In all those years we never ONCE sat together at a Sox home game.

*wibbles a bit* I miss my Dad... he's been gone 20 years come this December.

4. An adult summer memory

Attending a Civil War re-enactment (something I've done a lot since I was 13) and going to the latrines at about 5:30 AM... it was nearly sunrise on one of those Virginia summer mornings where it is actually cold and there's a clinging mist rising from the hollows until the sun burns it off. I trudged across the field, did what was needful, then came out and wandered back toward my tent... when I encountered the Federal commander, in full uniform and mounted on the biggest darn Warmblood I'd ever seen to that point. Man and horse alike, they could have ridden into the heart of 1863 and fit in perfectly.... (OK, and it would have been my duty to capture them as a good Johnny Reb, but that's neither here nor there. *g*) I just stood there, stunned and delighted, taking it all in. There was NOTHING within visual range that hinted this was anything BUT the past.... it was a magical moment for sure.

5. Describe a wonderful summer day you'd like to have in the near future. (weather, location, activities)

A friend and I rise before the birdies, head over to the farm and load up the horses... we've packed a picnic lunch and the cameras, not a laptop in sight, and the cell phones are present but not voting, turned off and tucked into the saddlebags. We drive the horses over to the Manassas Battlefield riding park, unload, tack up, and head out just as the sun is rising. The weather is gorgeous. The sky is that painfully, wonderfully clear blue against which everything stands out in perfect relief; only a few wispy clouds in the sky, sunny otherwise and just warm enough to be comfortable, but not a smitch of humidity. (Rather like the day we had today in Old Virginia...) We amble along for a while until lunchtime hits, then we dismount, untack the horses, and give them grazing room on a picket line while we eat. The food is yummy, and one of us manages to take at least one perfect picture before we head home. Neither horse throws a shoe OR a rider.

Optional: Does your place of worship do anything differently in the summer? (Fewer services, casual dress, etc.)

The Episcopal church where I sing is fairly laid-back (and what my deacon calls "a step above snake-belly Low" in liturgical style!) so casual clothing is pretty much a part of the landscape anyway. The parish I serve as pastor (St. Brigid's) is on hiatus until we figure out what we want to be when we grow up, so my own church is rather quiet these days. Considering how hot it was in the shared space we used to use, though, it was shorts and t-shirts under the vestments... *g*


Songbird said...

You paint a lovely image of the re-enactment, a place out of time.

chartreuseova said...

What wonderful memories and plans. You've got me wanting to sneak off to a baseball game. Boston's too far but the Brewers are finally winning...something they haven't been doing as long as I've been in Wisconsin (1994)

Kate said...

For all that I'm not much of a sports fan, and when I am I watch hockey, your tale of baseball in summers past brought up lovely, lovely memories...

Kievas said...

I miss Fenway Park--it's where I developed a true love for the game.

Maura said...

Ahhh! I love your writing. AND you're a Virginian, as I was, once. Born in Falls Church, Virginia, lived there until I was nine or ten (St. James Catholic Church/School. Woohoo!), I also lived in Radford, VA. I have immediate family in both those places whilst I sit here in "Hotlanta". I really enjoy reading your blog. We have many of the same interests and faves. I like to think of myself as a Christian lesbian elf of Spanish/Irish "Spirish" heritage. If you ever make it down to Atlanta, I can usually score some free tickets to see the Braves. My partner and I are mad for baseball.

- Maura "Spike" NĂ­Connell,
member of the ragtag bunch known as Gentle Spirit Christian Church of Atlanta

Rev. Sharon said...

Hi Maura, thanks for your kind words! My tentmaker day job, the one that pays the bills, is in the Skyline area of Falls Church--so you can imagine what a blessing it is for me to be able to telecommute three days a week. :-) Quite a drive from the country!

Christian Lesbian Elf... wow, that could pretty much describe me! *g* Not Spanish, I'm mostly a Northern European BritMutt. :-) And mad for baseball?? Believe it, next time I'm coming to Hotlanta I will drop you a note! I would love to meet you and your partner!

Glad you're enjoying the blog--I really need to post more often. *g*