14 March 2008

Friday Five: Time and Transitions

here's a Friday Five about time and transitions....

1. If you could travel to any historical time period, which would it be, and why?

Probably Tudor England, so I could learn once and for all everything I want to know about women's upper-class clothing.


No really, I mean it... :)

OK, I'd also want to go to learn about the stirrings of the Reformation first-hand. Then I would like to travel to the American Civil War, to meet Robert E. Lee in person. He is one of my favourite people ever....

A side-trip to some point in the Wars of the Roses, to meet Jasper Tudor, would kinda rock too. :)

2. What futuristic/science fiction development would you most like to see?

The ending of certain diseases: cancer, AIDS, cystic fibrosis, kidney disease...

3. Which do you enjoy more: remembering the past, or dreaming for the future?

Remembering the past, I guess. There are too many times when hope is painful. *attempts a smile; finds it... not as hard as I thought*

4. What do you find most memorable about this year's Lent?

Two things, actually: how short it seemed by comparison, and how much it hurt. The Good Lord decided this would be a truly sucky Lent for me. But as usually happens, that means it will probably turn out to have been a truly important one as well...

5. How will you spend your time during this upcoming Holy Week? What part do you look forward to most?

I'm singing a solo on Palm Sunday; during the week I have three proposals due out at my tentmaker job, so I will be praying even harder than usual. :) I generally look forward the most to Holy Saturday because I adore the ceremony of the Easter Vigil--but this year, I'm on sabbatical. I'm going to Boston to spend time with a dear friend and am leaving on the morning of Maundy Thursday; no preaching, no ceremony, but I will go to church in My Most Favoritist City EVAH, and it's maybe even possible my friend will come along. :) But I have to tell you... the Easter Vigil, beginning in darkness and that long, slow, exhilarating walk down the aisle with the Paschal Candle, intoning "The Light of Christ!", is one of the times of the liturgical year that give me strength to go on through all the others.... :)


Singing Owl said...

I hear ya. Sucky Lent. :-( I pray you are right and that better things are coming as we continue to seek God.

Upper class clothing..heh heh heh..

Singing Owl said...

I forgot to add that I've never participated in an Easter vigil. In my tradition, I'm stretching it to have a service for Holy THursday.

I wish I could be there and participate and observe and learn.

Mother Laura said...

Hope the trip is great and that Easter is so much better--or at least more joyous--than Lent was.