25 January 2008

Friday Five: Yay, It's Winter!!

Brrrr! Baby, it’s COLD outside! At least that is the case where I am this morning. We are in a January deep freeze. Have a cup of hot tea and tackle five easy seasonal questions.

1. What is the thermometer reading at your house this morning?

Was 7 degrees F when I awakened at 0730; now at 1615 it's 39 and falling, with a forecast of a balmy 18 degrees overnight. :)

2. Snow—love it or hate it?

Love it--so long as I don't have to drive in it. My pickup will take me many places; it's the other folks on the road, who didn't have the benefit of growing up in a heavy snow area as I did, that I fear.

3. What is winter like where you are?

Usually cold and rather harsh in terms of temps, wind, and all, because we're so open around here (on a glacial plain east of the Blue Ridge Mountains and west of the Atlantic Ocean). Things freeze hard fairly early on, then we have bleakness until a good snow covers everything in fluff. Another reason to love snow... :)

4. Do you like winter sports? Any good stories?

I like to watch football, does that count? Go Patriots!!! :) I have always wanted to ice skate but my ankles are too weak. Did you know it's now less than a month until the Red Sox pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in Ft. Myer, FL??? :)

5. What is your favorite season, and why?

That's a tough call. I like Winter and feel an affinity for it, but I love Spring. Winter allows me to "be fallow" for a while; I tend to nest and plan toward the coming of March and the sap beginning to run again. Mostly I love Spring because of Easter.

Bonus: Share a favorite winter pick-me-up. A recipe, an activity, or whatever.

Thick lamb stew with barley, carrots, celery, some onion, and potatoes. Spoon it up and serve forth with fresh-baked bread slathered with butter and honey; consume in front of the fireplace. Yum!


Sally said...

mmmm... lamb stew- just love it- and the fresh baked bread and honey- do we share a stomach????

Great play!

Songbird said...

I feel the same way about other drivers, but hope they don't consider me to be "other!"

Singing Owl said...

Thanks for stopping by my place! My computer is fixed--YAHOO!

I love your pictures here. And I am fascinated by the Independent Catholic priests that pop up at Rev Gals. You go, girl!

I'm curious however. Not being Catholic, I've never understood how apostolic succession is established. Can you enlighten me?

Rev. Sharon said...

Hi Singing Owl! Sorry I didn't see this sooner! My understanding of Apostolic Succession is that Jesus made his canonical 12 disciples, and everyone brought into the Church by those disciples (who became Apostles as things progressed) is considered to be properly descended from the original club, as it were. :) So Jesus made Peter an Apostle, Peter headed the Roman Church and presumably made priests... who made priests... who eventually, quite a ways down the line, led to my Bishop who was ordained by someone ordained by someone who... (back in the other direction...) If I were to become a bishop, anyone I ordained would share my lineage back to Peter to Jesus (and the ever-running baseball game in my head is making me think "Tinker to Evers to Chance..." while I ponder Katherine to Peter to Jesus... *grins*)

In terms of usefulness, establishing proper Apostolic Succession is a means of ratifying one's ordination via the ordinations of one's predecessors and superiors. It's important, but there are people who take it to insane extremes. Sorta like anything else in this world, I guess. :)